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COLYAER S100 Gannet seaplane.


Source: LSA Aero (US Distributor)
Engine: Rotax 912 ULS 4 stroke
Power: 100 hp max, 95 hp continuous
Fuel Consumption: 5.3 gph @ 75%
Standard Fuel: 23.5 gal useable
Long Range Fuel: 36.5 gal useable
Length: 19 feet, 2 inches
Height: 6 feet, 11 inches
Wing Span: 40 feet, 7 inches
Wing Area: 129 square feet
Wing Loading: 11.1 lbs/sq ft
Power Loading: 14.3 lbs/hp
Gross Weight: 1430 lbs
Empty Weight:: 595 lbs


Source: LSA Aero (US Distributor)
Cruise, 75%, 3000' MSL: 121 mph
Cruise, 65%, 3000' MSL: 115 mph
Range, 65% w/Reserve: 515 sm (840 sm LR)
Rate of Climb: 840 fpm
Stall, Clean: 45 mph
Stall, Full Flaps: 41 mph
Vne: 155 mph
Service Ceiling: 16,000 feet
Take Off: 585 feet
Take Off, 50' Obstacle: 980 feet


Composite construction. Company plans to sell completed airplanes under LSA, may offer kits in the interim. Spanish design/manufacture, U.S. distributor. Specifications and performance have not been verified by SPA. As with any kit airplane, we recommend that you fly the airplane and investigate the financial stability and customer service record of the company selling kits before you put down any money.

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