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nophoto Andrew Winstrom
PO Box 178
Paynesville, MN 56362
(402) 943-6383


Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming


Andrew and his wife are both pilots who have owned many airplanes from cubs to turbine-powered corporate transports. Andrew is a commercial pilot with multi-engine, seaplane, and instrument rating who flies for business, recreation, and commercial operations. He has considerable time flying floats in northern Minnesota and the bush in Ontario and Manitoba, and has many hours flying PA-12's, -18's and -20's as well as C-180's all over the upper Midwest prairie country and central Canada. Among his many accomplishments is completion of all three levels of the wilderness survival courses taught by Dr. Dale DeRemer. Andrew has a track record of success in working with Nebraska state officials to open Nebraska waters to seaplanes.

Wilderness survival and navigation in sparsely populated areas; seaplane operations and modifications of PA-20/22's, PA-12, and J5 cubs to floats.