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Thread: 182 vs 185

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    182 vs 185

    I have noticed a number of 182's being set up on floats. I could not help but ask how they compared to the 185? I have noted a wider cabin in the 182. I would also question the difference in rudder authority as the 185 has a straighter rudder. Is there a preference for a particular 182 model, was corrosion proofing an option or standard? And if re-powering, is the 550 the only option for an amphibious set up? Any comments or thoughts are appreciated.



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    I bought a 1964 182G amphib last summer in Canada and brought it back to the U.S. I love it! I have not previously owned a 185, so I can't make comparisons from personal experience, although my nephew has one and we both enjoy our amphibs. You already mentioned the 4" wider cabin. That started with the E model. I believe there is also about an extra one inch in interior height.

    For the P,Q, & R model 182's, Seaplanes West offers an up-gross kit to 3350 lbs. MGW which would be nice to have. My G model is not covered by this STC. I am looking into obtaining the up-gross separately. My MGW is currently 2950 (legal useful load of about 680 lbs.)

    Mine was built up over the past three years and includes the Aerocet 3400 amphibs, Peterson IO 550 engine upgrade, MT 3-blade 83" composite prop with nickel leading edge, Seaplanes West Float Kit and heavy duty engine mount, Wing-X wing extensions, Sportsman STOL mod, Selkirk extended baggage kit, Atlee-Dodge folding/removable rear bush seats.

    I don't know what to tell you about the rudder. It flies pretty much like a 182, except I think that like most floatplanes the large floats make gusty, shifty crosswind landings on wheels tougher. I try to look for single digits of crosswind component. The water rudders are large and very responsive.

    The builder/previous owner did yearly Corrosion-X treatments as it was in a marine environment (British Columbia). I don't know of it being done as part of the seaplane kit.

    As far as I'm concerned, it's just about the perfect Cessna amphib. The engine/prop/float/wing mod combo allows for enjoyable summertime ops at Lake Tahoe (elev. 6200, with DA often over 8,000). Oh, and we get compliments on the custom paint job all the time! I seem to recall some other engine options from others, like Texas Skyways, Ponk, etc. but not sure about compatibility with the seaplane STC's. I am a big fan of the 550 as I have one in another airplane.
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