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Thread: Congratulations for a very significant victory in New Mexico!

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    Congratulations for a very significant victory in New Mexico!

    As has been reported the Seaplane Pilots Association with the generous help of numerous other pilot organizations and there members can celebrate a major victory in access to water victory for seaplanes in New Mexico. The Seaplane Pilots Association coordinated a major advocacy effort with AOPA, RAF, New Mexico Pilots Association, EAA and numerous others including members from the and conducted meetings with the New Mexico DOT, Army Corp of Engineers, New Mexico State Parks and BOR among others.

    As a result a proposed rule that would have effectively closed seaplane access to waters controlled by New Mexico State Parks (which effectively controls all the water that is usable for seaplanes in the state) has not been adopted.

    We would like to personally thank everyone that participated in this effort! Countless members wrote letters and sent emails, the New Mexico business community stepped forward in our support, and most importantly the New Mexico State Parks Division listened to our comments and agreed to work with SPA on such issues if and when they come up in the future.

    Thanks to all... what a great way to close out an amazing 40th Anniversary for SPA members!

    SEAPLANES AND FLOATPLANES. The Division proposed adding a new section
    prohibiting the taxiing, landing, or takeoff of seaplanes or floatplanes
    in state parks. The Division received hundreds of comments opposing the
    implementation of this rule. Based upon the comments received, and given
    that the Bureau of Reclamation and United States Army Corps of Engineers
    already have regulations addressing seaplanes and floatplanes, the
    Division did not adopt the proposed rule.
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    Steve it is very nice to see so many aircraft / flying related organizations banning together to accomplish much needed advocacy. As a member of both the SPA as well as, I aplaud all the efforts made by both groups and their members to stem the tide of anti Seaplane Legilation and look forward to us all working together to hold onto and hopefully expand the areas of operations that we still have available to us as seaplane pilots. I doubt if it will ever be as nice and easy as when I started flying over 50 years ago, but the cooperation and group help, will make it better for all of us and those that come after us.

    Happy New Year - Bob
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    Yes, a great victory for seaplane pilots, and let's all pilots, stick together and work for the common good, because we are too few to be able to afford fragmentation of our efforts for any reason.
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    We owe Steve McCaughey a special thanks for doing the heavy lifting on this project. In September, he flew to New Mexico to speak at the NM State Park's public meeting as well as to meet behind the scenes with various people. We're lucky to have him as our Executive Director. Steve, keep up the great work!
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    Now that we've preserved this access, who's gonna organize a splash-in so we have a reason to fly there?!

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