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Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 7:00 PM
Subject: Meeting Wednesday, 7:00, City of Poulsbo Continuing to Push Agenda

As you are aware the City of Poulsbo has been re-drafting their Shoreline Master Plan. We at WSPA provided our feedback and it doesn’t appear that the City is accepting our recommendations or those of WSDOT. A public hearing is planned for tomorrow, Wednesday at 7:00 at City Council Chambers, Poulsbo City Hall, 200 NE Moe Street, Poulsbo, WA. For more info:

We need our members to contact City of Poulsbo, Planning dept to provide your input and hopefully attend the meeting Wednesday and express your opinion. The Port looks forward to the City changing its position on this topic but at present this does not seem likely, your support would be welcomed. Please reply to me with your input and let me know if you can attend the meeting.

The Port of Poulsbo is actively engaged in the process and offered many suggested language changes to assist the city in its endeavor. The Port operates the floatplane and seaplane base within the marina. The present draft of the Shoreline Master Plan appears overperscriptive and onerous in regards to the Ports operation of the floatplane and seaplane base.

The Port has been in contact with WASDOT Aviation Planner Mr. Carter Timmerman and both of us are pressing a case for the City of Poulsbo to follow RCW 36.70.547 which address the Formal Consultation Process. (Attached are the recommended changes from Carter.) The city of Poulsbo does not believe they are legally required to do so. The Port feels strongly the stakeholders need the opportunity to participate in the review of this document.

email for comments.

For more info:

Thank you for your help


Stephen Ratzlaff

President, Washington Seaplane Pilots Association

mobile: 206-250-1625