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Thread: Seaplanes once again in the mix at Waldo Lake

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    Seaplanes once again in the mix at Waldo Lake

    Last night the Oregon State Marine Board voted 4-1 to exempt float planes from the current ban on Waldo Lake. Read the story here.

    Next is the Aviation Board consideration of operating rules which we have proposed to them since the joint meeting on April 6th. More information will be forthcoming. Please go the the Columbia Seaplane Pilots Association website in the coming days for more information as it develops.

    Thanks to all who submitted comments,

    Bill Wainwright
    CSPA V P
    SPA Field Director for Oregon

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    There is no setting quite so tranquil as a seaplanes engine running smoothly on takeoff from a wilderness lale....

    Thank you Bill and everyone else who took a little time to make this interim victory happen positively for everyone.

    There is a similar meeting tonight at Poulsbo WA concerning use of the saltwater known as Liberty Bay.

    WSPA has the details and a hot link for writing a short letter.
    CFII Amphibion

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