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Thread: Renewed request for comments on waldo lake in oregon

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    Renewed request for comments on waldo lake in oregon

    SPA members, The Oregon Marine Board has received over 3000 letters and emails from people wanting the Waldo Lake to stay seaplane free. This is not in your best interest and I encourage you to act before the April 10th deadline for comments. Please go the Columbia Seaplane Pilots Association website . We have made it easier to submit a comment and while we don't encourage "Button Pushing" and robo emails this matter has become critical. There have been less than a dozen submissions supporting removing or revising the current rule that became effective in 2010.

    Thanks for you help, if you have any questions please contact me, Bill Wainwright at: or 503 293 7627

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    Thanks Bill,

    Our opposition gets alot of their higher numbers by "button pushing" so we shouldn't be overly concerned if we are forced to use that method as well. I sent a few more for us yesterday. Hopefully someone at Sun & Fun will do some volume good for us.

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