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Thread: Shipping of floats from Maine to Seattle

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    Shipping of floats from Maine to Seattle

    Does anyone have any information to share on what might be involved in getting a set of Edo 2130 floats shipped from Maine to western Washington? Any contact information for shippers, cost estimates, insurance information, or other useful bits of information will be greatly appreciated. Please post reply here or send PM with your thoughts. Thanks, Roger in Alaska

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    Roger: I'm faced with a similar situation. I want to ship a set of Aqua 1500's from upper Maine to Northern Wisconsin. One option is to securely crate the floats, struts, rigging, etc. and ship the contents insured (Ups, FedEx, etc.). The problem I have with that is what can happen with shippers who use fork lifts to move stuff around. Due to the fragility of the floats I don't like that option. What I plan on doing is to rent a one way van and deliver the floats myself. A lot of effort, but at least I'll know the floats will arrive undamaged. Another option would be to contact a transport company that specializes in classic car transportation. However, that option might be cost prohibitive. Good luck. Gary

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    I had a set of 1400 floats shipped from the east coast by common freight carrier and they did indeed punch through the plywood box with the tines of the fork lift. A big hassle but I did get a new set shipped at no cost (months later). Used parts were charged less for freight than new parts.

    Watch out for the shipping designation. Shipping "aircraft" anything by ground has a 300% shipping tariff. It might be cheaper to ship by air freight with the designation of aircraft parts or aircraft pontoons. Air freight used to give a special rate for aircraft parts. Air freight handlers also generally do a better job of handling fragile components.

    I also shipped a set of used floats by classic car carrier, and that worked well, no problems.

    You might also check with EDO at Kenmore to see if they are transporting their floats to the east coast. They might be willing to take your floats for the return westbound trip for a reasonable fee.

    Another possibility is to see if someone would put them on and fly them out, and fly back on wheels if you pay for the avgas.

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