As mentioned in my post on the Lake Hovercraft movie I was poking around to find out why seaplanes have the hulls they do. I was really trying to find out if anyone has tried to introduce air beneath the hull to assist in breaking suction. This led in several directions.

One was the aforementioned Lake and as it turns out the government experimented with a similar concept De Havilland Buffalo and there are drawings for modifying a c-130 to become the Talon "III". For a great breakdown of all things Talon and the potential seaplane mod there is a hard to find book written by a Talon guy called "Praetorian Starship" By using hovercraft principles not only were the benefits of hovercraft enjoyed by aircraft but takeoff distances were reduced because of the thin layer of air hovercraft produce making them "airborne" if only a millimeter off the water. Other Comments about adding air below hulls were all in reference to boats and most people expected this to make the water frothy, which would cause further sinking and the reverse of desired effects.

Another direction involved the evolution of boat hulls and by extension float and amphib hulls, such as chines and steps. Apparently in the early 1900s the gentry with the old style racing boats were able to outlaw the Step modified boats from a few years competition because they were smoking the old boats. Catamarans turned out to be good racers because of their reduced surface area in the water. Not unlike skis. Some racers would weep oil or other friction reducing agents under the hull. I couldn’t find the verbiage but I saw some mention of that being illegal now.

So all of this raises a few questions I could not find answers to and hoped someone here may have experience in these matters. Does anyone know of any other experimental work with performance hulls? Especially as it applies to hovercraft or introducing air under the hull or skis. Does anyone know about treating their surfaces with friction reducing agents? I suppose wax counts but I was thinking about pumping dishwasher soap under there (half joking there) assuming you did it legally. I have seen the videos and some of the results of the Goose on skis as is also posted on the site and elsewhere. Is there anything else like that that has been tried and was a success/failure. Has anyone noticed an appreciable difference in their skis based on the bottoms shape such as 2 vs. 3 chines etc? I would be happy to expand on any of the subjects above. I am no expert but I have compiled a good bit of data. As always I look foreword to your responses.