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Thread: Bell/Lake LA-4 Buccaneer Amphibious/Hovercraft Hybrid

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    Bell/Lake LA-4 Buccaneer Amphibious/Hovercraft Hybrid

    While reading up on the many different hull types that have been experimented with and to a lesser extent overcoming the force water imparts to prevent the aircraft from lifting off earlier I found the references to this Experimental Lake. I found it interesting and hope you do too.
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    This aircraft is a 1961 Lake LA-4-180, s/n 258. It is the 58th airplane built by Colonial Aircraft and Lake Aircraft and the 15th by Lake Aircraft with the long nose and long wings, as compared to the Colonial Skimmers. It is now owned by Elton Townsend of Muskoka, Ontario, president of Lake Central Air Services. He has restored it to a normal category LA-4.

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